Mixed Media Art

Hey there - I'm Ashleigh Dix - welcome to my mixed media art website. I'm a UK based mixed media artist and love working with collage, bright colours, paint, paper, card, wax and found objects in my artworks. In 2015 I put down my oils, pastels and charcoal to take up collage and mixed media art and spent a year and a half testing different techniques and combinations of colours, materials and methods to come up with what you see in my Mixed Media Wall Art Gallery. Whilst I continually experiment and try different things - I have now broadly settled on a technique and signature style and yet I find that my joys and successes are still tempered at times by frustration and more than just the odd, isolated failure as I push myself and my materials to do and try new things.

Gallery Exhibitions & Contemporary Art Fairs

By early 2016 I was nervously and hesitantly ready for the world to see my new work and secured representation at Project Space 103 in Newquay, Lilford Studio in Folkestone and Sun Pier House in Chatham. The concluded sales that can be seen in my online shop were not all made in galleries and art fairs but many were made online directly from this website at Mixed Media Collage Art for Sale. I exhibited at the 2016 Parallax Art Fair in London and the 2016 Landmark Autumn Art Fair also in London and have several other art fair applications in progress. I will post other fairs and dates on my Affordable Art Collage Art Events page as they are confirmed and will also share these dates in my Ashleigh Dix (Mixed Media Art) Newsletter. I'd love to hear from you so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Welcome to my website - I hope you enjoy my art. buy dnp uk lower back pain

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